Friday, October 24, 2014

FearCon 2012

Two years ago, Sharon Day and I attended the Phoenix FearCon event as our first zombie housewives, Stella and Liz.  We participated in the zombie fashion show and met lots of interesting people.  This year, we are going as ourselves and signing books at our table.

These pictures are from the 2012 event.  I will be posting pictures and writing about this years event on this blog.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What Am I Doing...

...for the rest of the year?  Starting with November 1 &2, I will be at FearCon with my coauthor, friend and travel buddy, Sharon Day of  Ghost Hunting Theories.  We will be meeting people and signing our many books.  (Posts on the event to follow.)

Also in November, I will be hitting the road with my two sister-in-laws.  We are spending a couple days and one night in Bisbee.  These ladies have lived in Arizona many years and have never been to Bisbee.  I know, shocking!!  Of course I am always looking for the opportunity to hit the road, so having them finally visiting Bisbee was a good excuse on my part.

Not much more for November except for Thanksgiving.  We have no plans as of yet.

In December, I will take a road trip with Sharon back to the abandoned trailer park for more junk to pillage.  Last time we were there, a couple of stray dogs made the place their home.  We are hoping that they moved out and found better accommodations.  After hunting for junk, we will travel to Gila Bend and the UFO Cafe for a bacon cheeseburger....yummy!

Around Christmas time, we are heading out for a couple of days to enjoy the holiday in Payson.  We are hoping for snow to make it feel more like Christmas.

Sharon and I have trips planned in 2015.  January will start with a trip back to Tombstone.  A friend is coming here to visit and he wants to see the historic town.  Other places we plan to see in 2015 are; Four Corners, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Texas.  My family and I are also planning trips as well.  We will be hitting the beaches, amusement parks, and historic sites of San Diego.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Especially 4-U Tours

(From their website) “Especially 4-U Tours of Mesa, Arizona is a premier & full service tour company. We offer tours throughout the United States and abroad, specializing in the South-Western United States.

Especially 4-U Tours started in September of 1980 by doing 24 hours tours to Las Vegas. Since then we have expanded our tour opinion widely. We still do Vegas, but now we have tours all over the United States and internationally. Our tours focus on the Southwest, Gambling, Mexico and the California coast…”

For more information about this company and what they provide, check out their website:

I am definitely planning on trying out their services for future trips. I will report on it afterwards.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pop Rocks

What the heck are pop rocks?  Basically, it is small, rock looking effervescent candy that you pour into your mouth from a bag.  These various colored treats are made of sugar, lactose (milk sugar), corn syrup, and various flavoring to give you that yummy taste.  Once inside your mouth, the candy dissolves, has a bubbly effect, and creates a popping sound.  It is crazy fun to eat.

Where did this unusual candy come from?  In 1957, General Foods chemist, William A. Mitchell, came up with the idea, but it wasn’t accessible to the public until 1975.  They lasted about 8 years before General Foods pulled them from the shelf.  There have been various types of imitation Pop Rocks, but just not the same as the original.  Today, Pop Rocks are just as popular as they were in the 1970’s.

There are several urban legends swirling around Pop Rocks.  The most prevalent one is that consuming the flavored candy, along with soda, will trigger an explosion of ones stomach.  There was false information on the ingredients of the candy when mixed with saliva and the carbonation of the pop will result in a deadly eruption.  Rumors were spread around that Mikey (real name John Gilchrist) from the Life cereal commercial died when he drank a six pack of Coca-Cola and ate six packs of Pop Rocks.  After all, Mikey will eat anything as the commercial stated.  In this case, the rumors were false and I am happy to say the John is alive and well.  I am sure that consuming that much in one sitting will give you a tummy ache, but to put the rumors to rest, an experiment was conducted using a pig’s stomach.  They placed six packs of the candy and a six pack of pop in the stomach and allotted time for digestion.  The stomach grew to three times its size but never exploded.  So basically, enjoy your Pop Rocks and a coke.

Enjoying my Pop Rocks!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Schnepf Farms 2014

For the past four years, Sharon and I have made it a tradition to make the trek to Queen Creek, AZ for the Pumpkin and Chili Fest at Schnepf Farms.  We have gone there in the evening to enjoy the sunset over the pumpkin patch and inside the corn maze.  This year, we ended up going in the morning and with our friend Damian.  The weather was nice at first, but started to get a bit warm towards noon.  The entire experience was different in the daytime but we still had fun.  Enjoy my photos...

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