Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bisbee Copper Queen Mine

The mine was discovered by Lt. Dunn in the late 1870’s while he was out looking around for Apache Indians.  He and his men camped near a spring located somewhere in the Mule Mountains on a flat piece of land.  This locale is where Old Bisbee now stands which is near the mine.  While taking an evening hike in the area, Lt. Dunn came across some fascinating stones on an incline on the south side of the canyon.  He kept the rocks a secret and enlisted the aid of a prospector, George Warren as a partner to dig the claim.  His military status would not allow him to pursue prospecting the minerals.  George couldn’t keep his big mouth shut and shared the information with others.  He and his buddies took over the claims leaving Dunn left out in the cold.

Bisbee became one of the largest copper producing towns with Phelps Dodge as it owner.  The mines were in operation for almost 100 years before closing in 1975.  In that time, the mines yielded over 6.1 billion dollars in minerals which consisted of copper, gold, silver, lead, and zinc.

Today, you can take a tour inside the tunnel of the Queen Mine and see where the copper was excavated.  You ride on a mining train and travel deep into the belly of the mine where billions of dollars’ worth of minerals were unearthed.  Millions of visitors have delighted in riding the authentic mining experience in the tunnels where numerous have worked for many years.  Take a voyage back in time to a place where history stands still.

For more information on the mine tour, check out their website:

Friday, May 20, 2016

Copper Queen Hotel: Room 402

When I am visiting Bisbee for a couple of nights, I usually stay at the Copper Queen Hotel.  Some of the times when I lodged there was to do a ghost investigation at this well-known haunted hotel.  My friends and I were never disappointed.  We had lots of activity in room 401 such as whispering, objects moving, doorknobs jiggling, dark figures in the bathroom, and a couple of friends grabbed by unseen forces.  After leaving the room for awhile, we found all our bathroom toiletries tossed outside the bathroom door.  Needless to say, this room did not disappoint our ghost hunting juices.

While Sharon and I were in the Grace Dodge room on the third floor, we did a seance to communicate with the little boy spirit, Billy, who liked running around on that floor and messing with guests.  We had Dale the Doll on the couch with his hat over his eyes during the session.  It lasted about 12 minutes and we noticed that Dale's hat was no longer on his head.  Sharon found it underneath him, basically he was sitting on it.  The only way it could have gotten there was for him to be lifted up and it was placed there.  We could not explain that.

Just recently I went back to Bisbee with my sister-in-laws and we stayed in room 402.  I did not go there to look for ghosts, just to have fun, shop and tour the town.  Nothing weird happened in that room while we were there.  However, when I was there with my friends a few years earlier, the boys stayed in that room.  While we were all in the room with the lights off having an EVP session, we heard coins on the dresser slide across and hit the floor.  No one was near the dresser when this happened.  Also, a friend had his hair pulled by unseen forces.  I didn't tell my sister-in-laws until we were leaving.  I didn't want to scare them.  So, if you want to sleep with the ghosts, stay at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee.  It is a wonderful place with an ass-kicking bar where local bands entertain the guests.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Bisbee Red Light District

Early 1900's on Brewery Gulch.
Like many of the mining towns in Arizona, Bisbee had its Red-light District too.  The district spread out from O.K. Street, to Brewery Gulch and Main Street.  During Bisbee's heyday from 1892 to the early 1900's, the Red-light district was booming.  Many men would enjoy the company of the soiled doves that worked in each of the over twenty different houses in the area.  There were as many as 100 girls at one time laboring in the ward with some as mere fledglings. They all had pseudonym keeping their real identities a secret.  Some were even buried under those names.

The district was active until 1917 when a military camp was formed during WWI and established near the small town of Lowell just south of Bisbee.  The Federal Government's regulations would not permit such a camp to be withing three miles of a Red-light area.  The law-makers decided to shut the district down until the war was over, but it never opened for business after that.

Today, some of the houses still stand and are now private homes or apartments.  Other houses no longer exist and are just stairs leading to empty lots with displays of old metal bed frames of what used to be there.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Bisbee OK Street Jailhouse

The OK Street Jailhouse in Bisbee was constructed in 1904 and was part of the County Jail.  It was shut down in 1915 when the jails got too crowded for the tiny jail to hold.  A much bigger facility was built to hold all the law breakers.  We were told that John Wayne wanted to buy the building and change it into a private residence.  But he died before that would happen.

Today, the building has been remodeled as a small inn where you have the entire place to yourself.  The office is now where you enter the premises with the living room, kitchen and half bath located where the "Drunk Tank" used to be on the first floor.  On the second floor you will find a sitting area, the bedroom, closet, and bathroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub.  On this floor is where the "serious offender" were held.  It is one of your many choices of places to stay while in Bisbee.  Also, there are many shops, restaurants and other places within walking distance from the jail.  Check out their website:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb

The Bisbee 1000 the Great Stair Climb is an exclusive event to this historic mining town.  It will test your endurance and is a toll on your body, but many do it every year.  This event is “the only outdoor stair climb in the U.S.” and is extraordinary.  The stair climb is about 4.5 miles and includes nine staircases all over town.  The challenge adds up to over 1000 steps and is linked together by the narrow twisty roads of Bisbee.  You will be walking or running through the picturesque portions of town.  You can take the stair challenge or the friendly fitness walk if the 1000 steps are too much for your physical well-being.

The stair climb started on October of 1990 by people just spreading the word.  About 200 people showed up for the first event with more and more participants every year.  They have seen competitors from the age of 7 to those in their 80’s.  Some have even partook in costume and other crazy outfits.  This event has been awarded the Governor’s Tourism Award for Special Events in a Rural Area.

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